Stories of Samba

A short film that recreates the existing universe in songs of Adoniran Barbosa, based on a consistent format with time and space in which the artist was inserted. Episodes and famous characters in the songs of the São Paulo famous singer are the thread of history, showing São Paulo in the 50s.

Genre: Comédia
Cast: Paulo Miklos, Gero Camilo, Gustavo Machado, Aisha Jambo, Caio Juliano, Zemanuel Piñeiro.
Runtime: 15 minutos
Director & Writer: Pedro Serrano
Executive Producer: Fernanda H. Wai de Oliveira e Pedro Serrano
Production: Dias de Souza, Pedro Serrano, Toninho Gomes, Vanessa Galvão
Production: Latitude Filmes
Co-production: Latina Estúdio

Awards and Festivals:
43° Gramado Film Festival – shortfilm category:
– Trophy City of Gramado – Best Shortfilm (2015)
– Canal Brasil of Shortfilms Award (2015)